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Our security commitment to you

A secure environment to transact with us

Secure Connection

The secure connection between your browser and Roads and Maritime Services uses a technology called Transport Layer Security (TLS) and is an industry standard for secure e-commence transactions. This is a well-respected technology supported by most browsers. Your browser will not be able to connect to Roads and Maritime Services Online Services without a TLS enabled browser.

Note: SSLv3 is no longer a supported security protocol.


Roads and Maritime Services has implemented rigorous security mechanisms to ensure that your information and accounts are protected. The latest strong encryption technologies have been used to protect your data when being sent over the internet.

Latest technologies

Roads and Maritime Services also monitors developments in security and encryption technologies and reviews and updates its processes and procedures in line with industry standards.

Trouble shooting

Power outage/freeze screen

If you experience power outage or your screen is frozen during a transaction, you must restart the transaction process from the beginning. If you have already progressed to the screen for confirmation of payment details, you will need to phone 13 22 13 as your payment may have been processed.

Error messages

You will receive an error message if any of the information you have provided does not match Roads and Maritime Services (replacing Roads and Traffic Authority) records. If there is any error, your transaction will not be processed.

  • Online Tutorials

    Need to change your address, renew or transfer rego or submit a notice of disposal?

    Click here to view a video on how to change it online.

  • Online Account help

    Important information

    *Customers must have a driver licence and a vehicle registered in their name to complete the setup of an account, online at online services. Customers who don't have a vehicle registered in their name can validate themselves using their driver licence information and will then be prompted to phone 13 22 13 and answer a series of questions relating to other information Roads and Maritime Services holds about them to complete the process.

    **Customers who supply a valid email address while completing a transaction requiring POI, such as Driver Licence renewal, will also receive an email inviting them to establish an online account.

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