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As most of our customer forms still require a signature the completed form cannot be submitted online. Some forms require you to provide proof of identity when the form is submitted. These forms must be delivered by hand to your local registry, Service centre or agency.

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Motor vehicle emissions are the main source of air pollution in urban centres and the fuel they burn is a major contributor to climate change. We can minimise the long-term effects on the environment by reducing our energy consumption, investing in the development of low or zero emission energy alternatives and offsetting what we can't reduce ourselves.

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  • Sold your car recently?

    The seller must have a NSW licence number. The buyer must have either a NSW licence number or a NSW Motor dealer licence number.

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  • Change your address

    You can change your address online, by telephone or by visiting a motor registry.

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  • Site Requirements

    We are improving accessibility to online services for hand-held and mobile devices by upgrading its system. Until this system upgrade is complete, it is advised that online services be accessed by a desktop or laptop computer.

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