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Toll Road Fees

Important changes to your E-Toll account effective from 1 June 2013.

From 1 June 2013, we moved into line with other toll road operators in NSW and passed on two types of toll road operator fees if your E-Toll Tag fails to be detected when using a toll road. The fees* are the 'Vehicle Matching' Fee and the Toll Notice Transfer Fee.

Road 'Vehicle Matching' Fee Toll Notice Transfer Fee
Sydney Harbour Bridge & Tunnel $0.55 $1.10
Cross City Tunnel $0.55 $1.10
Westlink M7 $0.75 $1.90
Hills M2 $0.55 $1.10
Lane Cove Tunnel $0.55 $1.10
Military Road E-Ramp $0.55 $1.10
Eastern Distributor $0.55 $1.10
M5 South West Motorway $0.55 $1.10

* Fees are accurate as of 1 November 2014. Toll road operators may vary their fees at any time. Fees are inclusive of GST.

To assist with these changes, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) E-Toll customers can pick up a second or third tag for free.

The $40 refundable tag deposit is being waived on a second and third E-Toll tag before 'Vehicle Matching' fees are passed on from 1 June 2013. To avoid these fees you must also ensure your tag is mounted in your vehicle when travelling on toll roads, is fitted correctly, it works, and there are sufficient funds in your account.

What is a 'Vehicle Matching' Fee?

Other toll road operators already charge similar vehicle matching fees also known as 'Vehicle Matching' fees to cover the cost of matching a photo of number plates to a tolling account. From 1 June 2013, Roads and Maritime Services introduced a 'Vehicle Matching' fee of 55 cents for people travelling on the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Tunnel without a valid Tag.

A 'Vehicle Matching' Fee applies:

  • If you travel on a toll road, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Tunnel, without a tag.
  • If you travel on a toll road with a tag that has insufficient funds
  • If your tag is incorrectly fitted (and fails to function)
  • And (in all cases) a Toll Notice is yet to be issued.

Your vehicle Licence Plate Number must also be registered on your E-Toll account. This 'Vehicle Matching' fee will be referred to on your statement as 'VIDEO PROCESSING FEE'.

What is a Toll Notice Transfer Fee?

A Toll Notice Transfer Fee applies:

  • If you receive a toll notice from a toll road operator for a vehicle whose Licence Plate Number was not listed on an E-Toll account at the time of travel and
  • You subsequently elect to pay the Toll Notice using an E-Toll account.

This fee will be referred to on your statement as 'TOLL NOTICE FEE'.

How do I get a 2nd and 3rd Tag without paying the $40 deposit?

Call 13 18 65 or go into your nearest NSW Registry / Service NSW Centre and we will waive the $40 refundable deposit for the 2nd and 3rd tag. The tags are capped and you will need to pay the $40 refundable deposit for a 4th and 5th tag etc.

Will I get my deposit back if I want to close my 2nd or 3rd tag account in preference for free tags?

Yes. If you close an account, you will be refunded your deposit as is the case now. When an account is closed, the deposit is used to pay for the outstanding balance. The deposit settles the amount owed with the remainder of funds given to the customer. Before closing your account, please talk to us as you may be able to benefit from this offer, and not close your account to do so.

How can I avoid or minimise these fees?

  • Make sure your tag is in your vehicle, fitted correctly, works and has sufficient funds.
    You can view the E-Toll instruction guide on how to correctly install an E-Toll Tag.
  • Make sure your current Licence Plate number is registered to your E-Toll account.
    You can update your registered Licence Plate Numbers by logging in to your myE-Toll account or by calling 13 18 65. (You must also make sure your tag is correctly fitted and functioning).
  • Make sure your tag is working.
    If you don't hear a sound from your tag when you pass through a toll point, your tag may be incorrectly installed or may not be working. If you believe your tag is not working and you have been charged a 'Vehicle Matching' fee or 'Toll Notice Transfer Fee' please call 13 18 65 or take your tag to your nearest NSW Registry / Service NSW Centre.
    You can find out what the E-Toll Tag beep sounds mean.

For further information about 'Vehicle Matching' fees and waiving the $40 refundable deposit for 2nd and 3rd tags, visit our Frequently Asked Questions
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