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Toll codes

An entry or exit code will appear on your statement for each toll collection point you have travelled through.

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SHB-01A - Bradfield Hwy / Cahill

SHB-01C - Bradfield Highway

SHB-02A - Mount St - Cahill

SHB-03A - Mount St - Bradfield

SHB-03B - Mount St - Bradfield (contra)

SHB-04A - High St - Cahill

SHB-MIL - Bridge (Milsons Point)

SHB-MP-01S - SH Bridge Milsons Pt 1 South

SHB-MP-02S - SH Bridge Milsons Pt 2 South

SHB-MP-03S - SH Bridge Milsons Pt 3 South

SHB-MP-04S - SH Bridge Milsons Pt 4 South

SHB-MP-05S - SH Bridge Milsons Pt 5 South

SHB-RKS - Bridge (The Rocks)

SHB-RKS-07S - SH Bridge Rocks 7 South

SHB-RKS-08S - SH Bridge Rocks 8 South

SHB-RKS-09S - SH Bridge Rocks 9 South

SHB-RKS-10S - SH Bridge Rocks 10 South

SHB-RKS-11S - SH Bridge Rocks 11 South

SHB-RKS-12S - SH Bridge Rocks 12 South

SHB-RKS-14S - SH Bridge Rocks 14 South

SHB-RKS-15S - SH Bridge Rocks 15 South

SHB-RKS-16S - SH Bridge Rocks 16 South

SHB-RKS-17S - SH Bridge Rocks 17 South

SHB-RKS-18S - SH Bridge Rocks 18 South

SHB-RKS-19S - SH Bridge Rocks 19 South

SHT-01B - Sydney Harbour Tunnel

SHT-21S - SH Tunnel 21 South

SHT-22S - SH Tunnel 22 South

SHT-23S - SH Tunnel 23 South

SHT-24S - SH Tunnel 24 South

SHT-25S - SH Tunnel 25 South

SHT-26S - SH Tunnel 26 South

SHT-TUN - Tunnel Nth (Sydney)

WCX 101 - Church St-James Ruse Dr

WCX 102 - Church St-Silverwater Rd

WCX 103 - Church St-Hill Rd

WCX 104 - Church St-Homebush Bay Dr

WCX 105 - Church St-Homebush Bay Dr (ML)

WCX 106 - James Ruse Dr-Silverwater Rd

WCX 107 - James Ruse Dr-Hill Rd

WCX 108 - James Ruse Dr-Homebush Bay Dr

WCX 109 - James Ruse-Homebush Bay Dr(ML)

WCX 110 - Silverwater Rd-Hill Rd

WCX 111 - Silverwater Rd-Homebush Bay Dr

WCX 112 - Silverwater-Homebush Bay (ML)

WCX 113 - Hill Rd-Homebush Bay Dr

WCX 114 - Hill Rd-Homebush Bay Dr(ML)

WCX 201 - James Ruse Dr-Church St

WCX 202 - Silverwater Rd-Church St

WCX 203 - Hill Rd-Church St

WCX 204 - Homebush Bay Dr (NB)-Church St

WCX 206 - Homebush Bay Dr-Church St

WCX 207 - Silverwater Rd-James Ruse Dr

WCX 208 - Hill Rd-James Ruse Dr

WCX 209 - Homebush Bay Dr (NB)-James Ruse

WCX 211 - Homebush Bay Dr-James Ruse

WCX 212 - Hill Rd-Silverwater Rd

WCX 213 - Homebush Bay (NB)-Silverwater

WCX 215 - Homebush Bay-Silverwater

WCX-101 - Church St-James Ruse Dr

WCX-102 - Church St-Silverwater Rd

WCX-103 - Church St-Hill Rd

WCX-104 - Church St-Homebush Bay Dr

WCX-105 - Church St-Homebush Bay Dr (ML)

WCX-106 - James Ruse Dr-Silverwater Rd

WCX-107 - James Ruse Dr-Hill Rd

WCX-108 - James Ruse Dr-Homebush Bay Dr

WCX-109 - James Ruse-Homebush Bay Dr(ML)

WCX-110 - Silverwater Rd-Hill Rd

WCX-111 - Silverwater Rd-Homebush Bay Dr

WCX-112 - Silverwater-Homebush Bay (ML)

WCX-113 - Hill Rd-Homebush Bay Dr

WCX-114 - Hill Rd-Homebush Bay Dr (ML)

WCX-201 - James Ruse Dr-Church St

WCX-202 - Silverwater Rd-Church St

WCX-203 - Hill Rd-Church St

WCX-204 - Homebush Bay Dr (NB)-Church St

WCX-206 - Homebush Bay Dr-Church St

WCX-207 - Silverwater Rd-James Ruse Dr

WCX-208 - Hill Rd-James Ruse Dr

WCX-209 - Homebush Bay Dr(NB)-James Ruse

WCX-211 - Homebush Bay Dr-James Ruse

WCX-212 - Hill Rd-Silverwater Rd

WCX-213 - Homebush Bay (NB)-Silverwater

WCX-215 - Homebush Bay-Silverwater

CCT-001 - Eastbound Mainline

CCT-001E - Eastbound Mainline

CCT-001E - Eastbound Mainline

CCT-002 - Westbound Mainline

CCT-002W - Westbound Mainline

CCT-003 - Sir John Young Crescent

CCT-003N - Sir John Young Crescent

ED-A - Main Plaza (Woolloomooloo)

ED-B - Main Plaza (Woolloomooloo)

ED-C - William Street Ramp

ED-C - William Street

ED-10N - William Street 10 North

ED-8N - William Street 8 North

ED-9N - William Street 9 North

ED-AB - Woolloomooloo

ED-1N - Woolloomooloo Nth 1 North

ED-2N - Woolloomooloo Nth 2 North

ED-3N - Woolloomooloo Nth 3 North

ED-4N - Woolloomooloo Sth 4 North

ED-5N - Woolloomooloo Sth 5 North

ED-6N - Woolloomooloo Sth 6 North

ED-7N - Woolloomooloo Sth 7 North

FLW - Falcon St NB/LCT WB

FLW-01 - Military Rd NB / LCT WB

FNB - Falcon St Northbound Entry Ramp

FNB-01 - Military Rd E-Ramp NB

FSB - Falcon St Southbound Exit Ramp

FSB-01 - Military Rd E-Ramp SB

LCE-01 - Lane Cove Tunnel Eastbound

LCW-01 - Lane CoveTunnel Westbound

LFS - LCT EB / Falcon St SB

LFS-01 - LCT EB / Military Rd SB

1A01 - North Ryde East

1A06 - North Ryde East

1B01 - North Ryde West

1B08 - North Ryde West

1C01 - North Ryde West

2A01 - Pennant Hills Rd Exit East

2A04 - Pennant Hills Rd Exit East

2B01 - Pennant Hills Rd Entry West

2B04 - Pennant Hills Rd Entry West

M2-1A - North Ryde Eastbound

M2-1B - North Ryde Westbound

M2-1C - Christie Road

M2-2A - Pennant Hills Rd Ramp (Eastbound)

M2-2B - Pennant Hills Rd (Westbound)

M2-3A - Christie Road on ramp

M2-3A01 - Christie road On Ramp

M2-3B - Herring Road off ramp

M2-3B01 - Christie Road off ramp

M2-4A - Windsor Road off ramp

M2-4A01 - Windsor Road off ramp

M2-4B - Windsor Road on ramp

M2-4B01 - Windsor road on Ramp

M2-5A - Lane Cove on Ramp

M2-NR - North Ryde Plaza

M2-NR-10W - North Ryde 10 West

M2-NR-11W - North Ryde 11 West

M2-NR-12W - North Ryde 12 West

M2-NR-13W - North Ryde 13 West

M2-NR-1E - North Ryde 1 East

M2-NR-2E - North Ryde 2 East

M2-NR-3E - North Ryde 3 East

M2-NR-4E - North Ryde 4 East

M2-NR-5E - North Ryde 5 East

M2-NR-6E - North Ryde 6 East

M2-NR-6W - North Ryde 6 West

M2-NR-7E - North Ryde 7 East

M2-NR-7W - North Ryde 7 West

M2-NR-8E - North Ryde 8 East

M2-NR-8W - North Ryde 8 West

M2-NR-9W - North Ryde 9 West

M2-PHE-1E - Pennant Hills Rd 1 East

M2-PHE-2E - Pennant Hills Rd 2 East

M2-PHE-3E - Pennant Hills Rd 3 East

M2-PHE-4E - Pennant Hills Rd 4 East

M2-PHW-1W - Pennant Hills Rd 1 West

M2-PHW-2W - Pennant Hills Rd 2 West

M2-PHW-3W - Pennant Hills Rd 3 West

M2-PHW-4W - Pennant Hills Rd 4 West

AUB - Auburn Plaza

M5-FR 41 to 44 - Fairford Rd Ramp

M5-FR-40E - Fairford Rd 40 East

M5-FR-41E - Fairford Rd 41 East

M5-FR-42E - Fairford Rd 42 East

M5-FR-43W - Fairford Rd 43 West

M5-FR-44W - Fairford Rd 44 West

M5-FR-45W - Fairford Rd 45 West

M5-HL 21 to 24 - Henry Lawson Drive Ramp

M5-HL-20E - Henry Lawson Dr 20 East

M5-HL-21E - Henry Lawson Dr 21 East

M5-HL-22E - Henry Lawson Dr 22 East

M5-HL-23W - Henry Lawson Dr 23 West

M5-HL-24W - Henry Lawson Dr 24 West

M5-HL-25W - Henry Lawson Dr 25 West

M5-HV 01 to 12 - Hammondville Main Plaza

M5-HV-10E - Hammondville 10 East

M5-HV-11E - Hammondville 11 East

M5-HV-12E - Hammondville 12 East

M5-HV-1W - Hammondville 1 West

M5-HV-2W - Hammondville 2 West

M5-HV-3W - Hammondville 3 West

M5-HV-4W - Hammondville 4 West

M5-HV-5W - Hammondville 5 West

M5-HV-6W - Hammondville 6 West

M5-HV-7E - Hammondville 7 East

M5-HV-8E - Hammondville 8 East

M5-HV-9E - Hammondville 9 East

M5-RR 31 to 34 - River Rd Ramp

M5-RR-30E - River Road 30 East

M5-RR-31E - River Road 31 East

M5-RR-32E - River Road 32 East

M5-RR-33W - River Road 33 West

M5-RR-34W - River Road 34 West

M5-RR-35W - River Road 35 West

M5-RR-42E - River Road 42 East

M5-RR-43W - River Road 43 West

M7-01A - M5 Interchange

M7-01AN - M5 Interchange North

M7-01B - M5 Interchange

M7-01BS - M5 Interchange South

M7-02A - Bernera Rd Exit

M7-02ANW - Bernera Rd Exit North West

M7-02B - Bernera Rd Entry

M7-02BNW - Bernera Rd Entry North West

M7-02C - Bernera Rd Exit

M7-02CSE - Bernera Rd Exit South East

M7-02D - Bernera Rd Entry

M7-02DSE - Bernera Rd Entry South East

M7-03A - Cowpasture Rd Exit

M7-03ANW - Cowpasture Rd Exit North West

M7-03B - Cowpasture Rd Entry

M7-03BNW - Cowpasture Rd Entry North West

M7-03C - Cowpasture Rd Exit

M7-03CSE - Cowpasture Rd Exit South East

M7-03D - Cowpasture Rd Entry

M7-03DSE - Cowpasture Rd Entry South East

M7-04A - Elizabeth Dve Exit

M7-04AN - Elizabeth Drv Exit North

M7-04B - Villiers Rd Entry

M7-04BN - Elizabeth Drv Entry North

M7-04C - Elizabeth Dve Exit

M7-04CS - Elizabeth Drv Exit South

M7-04D - Elizabeth Dve Entry

M7-04DS - Elizabeth Drv Entry South

M7-05A - Horsley Dve Exit

M7-05AN - Horsley Drv Exit North

M7-05B - Horsley Dve Entry

M7-05BN - Horsley Drv Entry North

M7-05C - Horsley Dve Exit

M7-05CS - Horsley Drv Exit South

M7-05D - Horsley Dve Entry

M7-05DS - Horsley Drv Entry South

M7-06A - Old Wallgrove Rd Exit

M7-06AN - Old Wallgrove Rd Exit North

M7-06B - Old Wallgrove Rd Entry

M7-06BN - Old Wallgrove Rd Entry North

M7-06C - Old Wallgrove Rd Exit

M7-06CS - Old Wallgrove Rd Exit South

M7-06D - Old Wallgrove Rd Entry

M7-06DS - Old Wallgrove Rd Entry South

M7-07A - M4 Interchange Exit

M7-07AN - M4 Interchange Exit North

M7-07B - M4 Interchange Entry

M7-07BN - M4 Interchange Entry North

M7-07C - M4 Interchange Exit

M7-07CS - M4 Interchange Exit South

M7-07D - M4 Interchange Entry

M7-07DS - M4 Interchange Entry South

M7-08A - Great Western Hwy Entry

M7-08AN - Great Western Hwy Entry North

M7-08B - Great Western Hwy Exit

M7-08BS - Great Western Hwy Exit South

M7-09A - Woodstock Ave Exit

M7-09AN - Woodstock Ave Exit North

M7-09B - Power St Entry

M7-09BN - Power St Entry North

M7-09C - Power St Exit

M7-09CS - Power St Exit South

M7-09D - Woodstock Ave Entry

M7-09DS - Woodstock Ave Entry South

M7-10A - Richmond Rd Exit

M7-10AN - Richmond Rd Exit North

M7-10B - Richmond Rd Entry

M7-10BN - Richmond Rd Entry North

M7-10C - Richmond Rd Exit

M7-10CS - Richmond Rd Exit South

M7-10D - Richmond Rd Entry

M7-10DS - Richmond Rd Entry South

M7-11A - Quakers Hill Pwy Entry

M7-11AE - Quakers Hill Pwy Entry East

M7-11B - Quakers Hill Pwy Exit

M7-11BW - Quakers Hill Pwy Exit West

M7-12A - Sunnyholt Rd Exit

M7-12AE - Sunnyholt Rd Exit East

M7-12B - Sunnyholt Rd Entry

M7-12BE - Sunnyholt Rd Entry East

M7-12C - Sunnyholt Rd Exit

M7-12CW - Sunnyholt Rd Exit West

M7-12D - Sunnyholt Rd Entry

M7-12DW - Sunnyholt Rd Entry West

M7-13A - Norwest Blvd Exit

M7-13AE - Norwest Blvd Exit East

M7-13B - Norwest Blvd Entry

M7-13BW - Norwest Blvd Entry West

M7-14A - Old Windsor Rd Entry

M7-14ASE - Old Windsor Rd Entry South East

M7-14B - Old Windsor Rd Exit

M7-14BNW - Old Windsor Rd Exit North West

M7-15A - M2 Interchange Southeast

M7-15ASE - M2 Interchange South East

M7-15B - M2 Interchange Northwest

M7-15BNW - M2 Interchange North West

M7-001 - M5 Motorway to Bernera Rd

M7-002 - M5 Motorway to Cowpasture Rd

M7-003 - M5 Motorway to Elizabeth Dr

M7-004 - M5 Motorway to The Horsley Dr

M7-005 - M5 Motorway to Old Wallgrove Rd

M7-006 - M5 Motorway to M4 Motorway

M7-007 - M5 Motorway to Woodstock Ave

M7-008 - M5 Motorway to Richmond Rd

M7-009 - M5 Motorway to Sunnyholt Rd

M7-010 - M5 Motorway to Norwest Blvd

M7-011 - M5 Motorway to M2 Motorway

M7-012 - Bernera Rd to Cowpasture Rd

M7-013 - Bernera Rd to Elizabeth Dr

M7-014 - Bernera Rd to The Horsley Dr

M7-015 - Bernera Rd to Old Wallgrove Rd

M7-016 - Bernera Rd to M4 Motorway

M7-017 - Bernera Rd to Woodstock Ave

M7-018 - Bernera Rd to Richmond Rd

M7-019 - Bernera Rd to Sunnyholt Rd

M7-020 - Bernera Rd to Norwest Blvd

M7-021 - Bernera Rd to M2 Motorway

M7-022 - Cowpasture Rd to Elizabeth Dr

M7-023 - Cowpasture Rd to The Horsley Dr

M7-024 - Cowpasture Rd to Old Wallgrove Rd

M7-025 - Cowpasture Rd to M4 Motorway

M7-026 - Cowpasture Rd to Woodstock Ave

M7-027 - Cowpasture Rd to Richmond Rd

M7-028 - Cowpasture Rd to Sunnyholt Rd

M7-029 - Cowpasture Rd to Norwest Blvd

M7-030 - Cowpasture Rd to M2 Motorway

M7-031 - Villiers Rd to The Horsley Dr

M7-032 - Villiers Rd to Old Wallgrove Rd

M7-033 - Villiers Rd to M4 Motorway

M7-034 - Villiers Rd to Woodstock Ave

M7-035 - Villiers Rd to Richmond Rd

M7-036 - Villiers Rd to Sunnyholt Rd

M7-037 - Villiers Rd to Norwest Blvd

M7-038 - Villiers Rd to M2 Motorway

M7-039 - The Horsley Dr to Old Wallgrove Rd

M7-040 - The Horsley Dr to M4 Motorway

M7-041 - The Horsley Dr to Woodstock Ave

M7-042 - The Horsley Dr to Richmond Rd

M7-043 - The Horsley Dr to Sunnyholt Rd

M7-044 - The Horsley Dr to Norwest Blvd

M7-045 - The Horsley Dr to M2 Motorway

M7-046 - Old Wallgrove Rd to M4 Motorway

M7-047 - Old Wallgrove Rd to Woodstock Ave

M7-048 - Old Wallgrove Rd to Richmond Rd

M7-049 - Old Wallgrove Rd to Sunnyholt Rd

M7-050 - Old Wallgrove Rd to Norwest Blvd

M7-051 - Old Wallgrove Rd to M2 Motorway

M7-052 - M4 Motorway to Woodstock Ave

M7-053 - M4 Motorway to Richmond Rd

M7-054 - M4 Motorway to Sunnyholt Rd

M7-055 - M4 Motorway to Norwest Blvd

M7-056 - M4 Motorway to M2 Motorway

M7-057 - Great Western Hwy to Woodstock Ave

M7-058 - Great Western Hwy to Richmond Rd

M7-059 - Great Western Hwy to Sunnyholt Rd

M7-060 - Great Western Hwy to Norwest Blvd

M7-061 - Great Western Hwy to M2 Motorway

M7-062 - Power Street to Richmond Rd

M7-063 - Power Street to Sunnyholt Rd

M7-064 - Power Street to Norwest Blvd

M7-065 - Power Street to M2 Motorway

M7-066 - Richmond Rd to Sunnyholt Rd

M7-067 - Richmond Rd to Norwest Blvd

M7-068 - Richmond Rd to M2 Motorway

M7-069 - Quakers Hill Pwy to Sunnyholt Rd

M7-070 - Quakers Hill Pwy to Norwest Blvd

M7-071 - Quakers Hill Pwy to M2 Motorway

M7-072 - Sunnyholt Rd to Norwest Blvd

M7-073 - Sunnyholt Rd to M2 Motorway

M7-074 - Old Windsor Rd to M2 Motorway

M7-075 - M2 Motorway to Old Windsor Rd

M7-076 - M2 Motorway to Sunnyholt Rd

M7-077 - M2 Motorway to Quakers Hill Pwy

M7-078 - M2 Motorway to Richmond Rd

M7-079 - M2 Motorway to Power St

M7-080 - M2 Motorway to Great Western Hwy

M7-081 - M2 Motorway to M4 Motorway

M7-082 - M2 Motorway to Old Wallgrove Rd

M7-083 - M2 Motorway to The Horsley Dr

M7-084 - M2 Motorway to Elizabeth Dr

M7-085 - M2 Motorway to Cowpasture Rd

M7-086 - M2 Motorway to Bernera Rd

M7-087 - M2 Motorway to M5 Motorway

M7-088 - Norwest Blvd to Sunnyholt Rd

M7-089 - Norwest Blvd to Quakers Hill Pwy

M7-090 - Norwest Blvd to Richmond Rd

M7-091 - Norwest Blvd to Power St

M7-092 - Norwest Blvd to Great Western Hwy

M7-093 - Norwest Blvd to M4 Motorway

M7-094 - Norwest Blvd to Old Wallgrove Rd

M7-095 - Norwest Blvd to The Horsley Dr

M7-096 - Norwest Blvd to Elizabeth Dr

M7-097 - Norwest Blvd to Cowpasture Rd

M7-098 - Norwest Blvd to Bernera Rd

M7-099 - Norwest Blvd to M5 Motorway

M7-100 - Sunnyholt Rd to Quakers Hill Pwy

M7-101 - Sunnyholt Rd to Richmond Rd

M7-102 - Sunnyholt Rd to Power St

M7-103 - Sunnyholt Rd to Great Western Hwy

M7-104 - Sunnyholt Rd to M4 Motorway

M7-105 - Sunnyholt Rd to Old Wallgrove Rd

M7-106 - Sunnyholt Rd to The Horsley Dr

M7-107 - Sunnyholt Rd to Elizabeth Dr

M7-108 - Sunnyholt Rd to Cowpasture Rd

M7-109 - Sunnyholt Rd to Bernera Rd

M7-110 - Sunnyholt Rd to M5 Motorway

M7-111 - Richmond Rd to Power St

M7-112 - Richmond Rd to Great Western Hwy

M7-113 - Richmond Rd to M4 Motorway

M7-114 - Richmond Rd to Old Wallgrove Rd

M7-115 - Richmond Rd to The Horsley Dr

M7-116 - Richmond Rd to Elizabeth Dr

M7-117 - Richmond Rd to Cowpasture Rd

M7-118 - Richmond Rd to Bernera Rd

M7-119 - Richmond Rd to M5 Motorway

M7-120 - Woodstock Ave to Great Western Hwy

M7-121 - Woodstock Ave to M4 Motorway

M7-122 - Woodstock Ave to Old Wallgrove Rd

M7-123 - Woodstock Ave to The Horsley Dr

M7-124 - Woodstock Ave to Elizabeth Dr

M7-125 - Woodstock Ave to Cowpasture Rd

M7-126 - Woodstock Ave to Bernera Rd

M7-127 - Woodstock Ave to M5 Motorway

M7-128 - M4 Motorway to Old Wallgrove Rd

M7-129 - M4 Motorway to The Horsley Dr

M7-130 - M4 Motorway to Elizabeth Dr

M7-131 - M4 Motorway to Cowpasture Rd

M7-132 - M4 Motorway to Bernera Rd

M7-133 - M4 Motorway to M5 Motorway

M7-134 - Old Wallgrove Rd to The Horsley Dr

M7-135 - Old Wallgrove Rd to Elizabeth Dr

M7-136 - Old Wallgrove Rd to Cowpasture Rd

M7-137 - Old Wallgrove Rd to Bernera Rd

M7-138 - Old Wallgrove Rd to M5 Motorway

M7-139 - The Horsley Dr to Elizabeth Dr

M7-140 - The Horsley Dr to Cowpasture Rd

M7-141 - The Horsley Dr to Bernera Rd

M7-142 - The Horsley Dr to M5 Motorway

M7-143 - Elizabeth Dr to Cowpasture Rd

M7-144 - Elizabeth Dr to Bernera Rd

M7-145 - Elizabeth Dr to M5 Motorway

M7-146 - Cowpasture Rd to Bernera Rd

M7-147 - Cowpasture Rd to M5 Motorway

M7-148 - Bernera Rd to M5 Motorway

MCL- 2B - Dynon Rd

MCL-9B - Domain Tunnel

MCL- 2A - Racecourse Rd

MCL-001S - Tullamarine Fwy to Brunswick/Flemington Rd

MCL-002S - Tullamarine Fwy to Dynon/Footscray Rd

MCL-003S - Tullamarine Fwy to Bolte Bridge

MCL-004S - Tullamarine Fwy to Burnley St

MCL-005S - Tullamarine Fwy to Burnley Tunnel

MCL-006S - Tullamarine Fwy to Monash Fwy/Toorak Rd

MCL-007N - Bruns/Flemington Rd to Tullamarine Fwy

MCL-008S - Racecourse Rd to Dynon/Footscray Rd

MCL-009S - Racecourse Rd to Bolte Bridge

MCL-010S - Racecourse Rd to Burnley St

MCL-011S - Racecourse Rd to Burnley Tunnel

MCL-012S - Racecourse Rd to Monash Fwy/Toorak Rd

MCL-013N - Dynon/Footscray Rd to Tullamarine Fwy

MCL-014N - Dynon/Footscray Rd to Racecourse Rd

MCL-015S - Footscray Rd to Bolte Bridge

MCL-016S - Footscray Rd to Burnley St

MCL-017S - Footscray Rd to Burnley Tunnel

MCL-018S - Footscray Rd to Monash Fwy/Toorak Rd

MCL-019N - Bolte Bridge to Tullamarine Fwy

MCL-020N - Bolte Bridge to Racecourse Road

MCL-021N - Bolte Bridge to Footscray Rd

MCL-022W - Gibdon St to Punt Road

MCL-023W - Gibdon St to Swan St

MCL-024W - Gibdon St to Exhibition St Ext.

MCL-025E - Burnley Tunnel to Burnley St

MCL-026E - Burnley Tunnel

MCL-027E - Burnley Tunnel to Monash Fwy/Toorak Rd

MCL-028E - Burnley to Monash Fwy/Toorak Rd

MCL-029W - Monash Fwy/Toorak Rd to Tullamarine Fwy

MCL-030W - Monash Fwy/Toorak Rd to Racecourse Rd

MCL-031W - Monash Fwy/Toorak Rd to Footscray Rd

MCL-032W - Monash Fwy/Toorak Rd to Punt Rd

MCL-033W - Monash Fwy/Toorak Rd to Swan St

MCL-034W - Monash Fwy/Toorak Rd to Yarra Boulevard

MCL-035W - Monash Fwy/Toorak Rd to Exhibition St Ext.

MCL-036W - Monash Fwy/Toorak Rd to Domain Tunnel

MCL-037E - Punt Rd to Monash Fwy/Toorak Rd

MCL-038E - Punt Rd to Burnley St

MCL-039S - Exhibition St Ext. to Monash Fwy/Toorak Rd

MCL-040S - Exhibition St Ext. to Burnley St

MCL-041S - Exhibition St Ext. to Swan St

MCL-042S - Exhibition St Ext. to Church St

MCL-043N - Swan St to Exhibition St Ext.

MCL-044E - Swan St to Monash Fwy/Toorak Rd

MCL-045E - Swan St to Burnley St

MCL-046E - Swan St to Church St

MCL-047W - Gibdon St to Tullamarine Fwy

MCL-048W - Gibdon St to Racecourse Road

MCL-049W - Gibdon St to Footscray Rd

MCL-050W - Gibdon St to Domain Tunnel

MCL-1A - Moreland Rd

MCL-1AS - Moreland Rd South

MCL-1B - Moreland

MCL-1BN - Moreland Rd North

MCL-2AS - Racecourse Rd South

MCL-2BN - Dynon Rd North

MCL-3A - Bolte Bridge

MCL-3AS - Bolte Bridge South

MCL-3B - Bolte Bridge

MCL-3BN - Bolte Bridge North

MCL-4A - Punt Rd Exit

MCL-4AW - Punt Rd Exit West

MCL-4B - Batman Ave Exit

MCL-4BW - Batman Ave Exit West

MCL-5A - Burnley St Exit

MCL-5AE - Burnley Street Exit East

MCL-5B - Burnley Tunnel

MCL-5BE - Burnley Tunnel East

MCL-6A - Toorak Rd

MCL-6AE - Toorak Rd East

MCL-6B - Toorak R

MCL-6BW - Toorak Rd West

MCL-7A - Swan St

MCL-7AW - Swan St West

MCL-8A - Exhibition St

MCL-8AS - Exhibition St South

MCL-8B - Exhibition St

MCL-8BN - Exhibition St North

MCL-9A - Batman Ave

MCL-9AE - Batman Ave East

MCL-9BW - Domain Tunnel West

CE-001S - Mullum Mullum Tunnel to Mullum Mullum Tunnel

CE-002S - Mullum Mullum Tunnel to Maroondah/Canterbury

CE-003S - Mullum Mullum Tunnel to Canterbury/Boronia

CE-004S - Mullum Mullum Tunnel to Boronia/BurwoodHwy

CE-005S - Mullum Mullum Tunnel to BurwoodHwy/HighStRd

CE-006S - Mullum Mullum Tunnel to HighStRd/Ferntree

CE-007S - Mullum Mullum Tunnel to Ferntree/Wellington

CE-008S - Mullum Mullum Tunnel to Wellington/Police

CE-009S - Mullum Mullum Tunnel to MonashFwy/PrincesHwy

CE-010S - Mullum Mullum Tunnel to PrincesHwy/Cheltenhm

CE-011S - Mullum Mullum Tunnel to DandenongByP/Greens

CE-012S - Mullum Mullum Tunnel to Greens/Thompson

CE-013S - Mullum Mullum Tunnel to Thompson/FrankstonFy

CE-014S - Maroondah/Canterbury to Maroondah/Canterbury

CE-015S - Maroondah/Canterbury to Canterbury/Boronia

CE-016S - Maroondah/Canterbury to Boronia/BurwoodHwy

CE-017S - Maroondah/Canterbury to BurwoodHwy/HighStRd

CE-018S - Maroondah/Canterbury to HighStRd/Ferntree

CE-019S - Maroondah/Canterbury to Ferntree/Wellington

CE-01N - Ringwood Bypass to Springvale Rd (via Tunnel)

CE-01N - Ringwood Bypass to Springvale Rd North(via Tunnel)

CE-01S - Springvale Rd to Ringwood Bypass (via Tunnel)

CE-01S - Springvale Rd to Ringwood Bypass South(via Tunnel)

CE-020S - Maroondah/Canterbury to Wellington/Police

CE-021S - Maroondah/Canterbury to MonashFwy/PrincesHwy

CE-022S - Maroondah/Canterbury to PrincesHwy/Cheltenhm

CE-023S - Maroondah/Canterbury to DandenongByP/Greens

CE-024S - Maroondah/Canterbury to Greens/Thompson

CE-025S - Maroondah/Canterbury to Thompson/FrankstonFy

CE-026S - Canterbury/Boronia to Canterbury/Boronia

CE-027S - Canterbury/Boronia to Boronia/BurwoodHwy

CE-028S - Canterbury/Boronia to BurwoodHwy/HighStRd

CE-029S - Canterbury/Boronia to HighStRd/Ferntree

CE-02N - Canterbury Rd North

CE-02S - Maroondah Hwy to Canterbury Rd South

CE-030S - Canterbury/Boronia to Ferntree/Wellington

CE-031S - Canterbury/Boronia to Wellington/Police

CE-032S - Canterbury/Boronia to MonashFwy/PrincesHwy

CE-033S - Canterbury/Boronia to PrincesHwy/Cheltenhm

CE-034S - Canterbury/Boronia to DandenongByP/Greens

CE-035S - Canterbury/Boronia to Greens/Thompson

CE-036S - Canterbury/Boronia to Thompson/FrankstonFy

CE-037S - Boronia/BurwoodHwy to Boronia/BurwoodHwy

CE-038S - Boronia/BurwoodHwy to BurwoodHwy/HighStRd

CE-039S - Boronia/BurwoodHwy to HighStRd/Ferntree

CE-03N - Boronia Rd North

CE-03S - Canterbury Rd South

CE-040S - Boronia/BurwoodHwy to Ferntree/Wellington

CE-041S - Boronia/BurwoodHwy to Wellington/Police

CE-042S - Boronia/BurwoodHwy to MonashFwy/PrincesHwy

CE-043S - Boronia/BurwoodHwy to PrincesHwy/Cheltenhm

CE-044S - Boronia/BurwoodHwy to DandenongByP/Greens

CE-045S - Boronia/BurwoodHwy to Greens/Thompson

CE-046S - Boronia/BurwoodHwy to Thompson/FrankstonFy

CE-047S - BurwoodHwy/HighStRd to BurwoodHwy/HighStRd

CE-048S - BurwoodHwy/HighStRd to HighStRd/Ferntree

CE-049S - BurwoodHwy/HighStRd to Ferntree/Wellington

CE-04N - Burwood Rd North

CE-04S - Boronia Rd South

CE-050S - BurwoodHwy/HighStRd to Wellington/Police

CE-051S - BurwoodHwy/HighStRd to MonashFwy/PrincesHwy

CE-052S - BurwoodHwy/HighStRd to PrincesHwy/Cheltenhm

CE-053S - BurwoodHwy/HighStRd to DandenongByP/Greens

CE-054S - BurwoodHwy/HighStRd to Greens/Thompson

CE-055S - BurwoodHwy/HighStRd to Thompson/FrankstonFy

CE-056S - HighStRd/Ferntree to HighStRd/Ferntree

CE-057S - HighStRd/Ferntree to Ferntree/Wellington

CE-058S - HighStRd/Ferntree to Wellington/Police

CE-059S - HighStRd/Ferntree to MonashFwy/PrincesHwy

CE-05N - High Street Rd to Burwood Hwy North

CE-05S - Burwood Hwy South

CE-060S - HighStRd/Ferntree to PrincesHwy/Cheltenhm

CE-061S - HighStRd/Ferntree to DandenongByP/Greens

CE-062S - HighStRd/Ferntree to Greens/Thompson

CE-063S - HighStRd/Ferntree to Thompson/FrankstonFy

CE-064S - Ferntree/Wellington to Ferntree/Wellington

CE-065S - Ferntree/Wellington to Wellington/Police

CE-066S - Ferntree/Wellington to MonashFwy/PrincesHwy

CE-067S - Ferntree/Wellington to PrincesHwy/Cheltenhm

CE-068S - Ferntree/Wellington to DandenongByP/Greens

CE-069S - Ferntree/Wellington to Greens/Thompson

CE-06N - Ferntree Gully Rd North

CE-06S - High Street Rd to Ferntree Gully Rd South

CE-070S - Ferntree/Wellington to Thompson/FrankstonFy

CE-071S - Wellington/Police to Wellington/Police

CE-072S - Wellington/Police to MonashFwy/PrincesHwy

CE-073S - Wellington/Police to PrincesHwy/Cheltenhm

CE-074S - Wellington/Police to DandenongByP/Greens

CE-075S - Wellington/Police to Greens/Thompson

CE-076S - Wellington/Police to Thompson/FrankstonFy

CE-077S - MonashFwy/PrincesHwy to MonashFwy/PrincesHwy

CE-078S - MonashFwy/PrincesHwy to PrincesHwy/Cheltenhm

CE-079S - MonashFwy/PrincesHwy to DandenongByP/Greens

CE-07N - Wellington Rd to Ferntree Gully Rd North

CE-07S - Ferntree Gully Rd to Wellington Rd South

CE-080S - MonashFwy/PrincesHwy to Greens/Thompson

CE-081S - MonashFwy/PrincesHwy to Thompson/FrankstonFy

CE-082S - PrincesHwy/Cheltenhm to PrincesHwy/Cheltenhm

CE-083S - PrincesHwy/Cheltenhm to DandenongByP/Greens

CE-084S - PrincesHwy/Cheltenhm to Greens/Thompson

CE-085S - PrincesHwy/Cheltenhm to Thompson/FrankstonFy

CE-086S - DandenongByP/Greens to DandenongByP/Greens

CE-087S - DandenongByP/Greens to Greens/Thompson

CE-088S - DandenongByP/Greens to Thompson/FrankstonFy

CE-089S - Greens/Thompson to Greens/Thompson

CE-08N - Police Rd to Wellington Rd North

CE-08S - Wellington Rd to Police Rd South

CE-090S - Greens/Thompson to Thompson/FrankstonFy

CE-091S - Thompson/FrankstonFy to Thompson/FrankstonFy

CE-092N - Melba Tunnel to Melba Tunnel

CE-093N - Canterbury/Maroondah to Melba Tunnel

CE-094N - Boronia/Canterbury to Melba Tunnel

CE-095N - BurwoodHwy/Boronia to Melba Tunnel

CE-096N - HighStRd/BurwoodHwy to Melba Tunnel

CE-097N - Ferntree/HighStRd to Melba Tunnel

CE-098N - Wellington/Ferntree to Melba Tunnel

CE-099N - Police/Wellington to Melba Tunnel

CE-09N - Princes Hwy to Monash Fwy North

CE-09S - Monash Fwy to Princes Hwy South

CE-100N - PrincesHwy/MonashFwy to Melba Tunnel

CE-101N - Cheltenhm/PrincesHwy to Melba Tunnel

CE-102N - Greens/DandenongByP to Melba Tunnel

CE-103N - Thompson/Greens to Melba Tunnel

CE-104N - FrankstonFy/Thompson to Melba Tunnel

CE-105N - Canterbury/Maroondah to Canterbury/Maroondah

CE-106N - Boronia/Canterbury to Canterbury/Maroondah

CE-107N - BurwoodHwy/Boronia to Canterbury/Maroondah

CE-108N - HighStRd/BurwoodHwy to Canterbury/Maroondah

CE-109N - Ferntree/HighStRd to Canterbury/Maroondah

CE-10N - Cheltenham Rd to Princes Hwy

CE-10N - Cheltenham Rd North

CE-10S - Princes Hwy to Cheltenham Rd South

CE-10S - Princes Hwy to Cheltenham Rd

CE-110N - Wellington/Ferntree to Canterbury/Maroondah

CE-111N - Police/Wellington to Canterbury/Maroondah

CE-112N - PrincesHwy/MonashFwy to Canterbury/Maroondah

CE-113N - Cheltenhm/PrincesHwy to Canterbury/Maroondah

CE-114N - Greens/DandenongByP to Canterbury/Maroondah

CE-115N - Thompson/Greens to Canterbury/Maroondah

CE-116N - FrankstonFy/Thompson to Canterbury/Maroondah

CE-117N - Boronia/Canterbury to Boronia/Canterbury

CE-118N - BurwoodHwy/Boronia to Boronia/Canterbury

CE-119N - HighStRd/BurwoodHwy to Boronia/Canterbury

CE-11N - Greens Rd to Dand. South. Bypass North

CE-11N - Greens Rd to Dand. South. Bypass

CE-11S - Dand. South. Bypass to Greens Rd

CE-11S - Dandenong South Bypass

CE-120N - Ferntree/HighStRd to Boronia/Canterbury

CE-121N - Wellington/Ferntree to Boronia/Canterbury

CE-122N - Police/Wellington to Boronia/Canterbury

CE-123N - PrincesHwy/MonashFwy to Boronia/Canterbury

CE-124N - Cheltenhm/PrincesHwy to Boronia/Canterbury

CE-125N - Greens/DandenongByP to Boronia/Canterbury

CE-126N - Thompson/Greens to Boronia/Canterbury

CE-127N - FrankstonFy/Thompson to Boronia/Canterbury

CE-128N - BurwoodHwy/Boronia to BurwoodHwy/Boronia

CE-129N - HighStRd/BurwoodHwy to BurwoodHwy/Boronia

CE-12N - Thompson Rd to Greens Rd North

CE-12N - Thompson Rd to Greens Rd

CE-12S - Greens Rd to Thompson Rd South

CE-12S - Greens Rd to Thompson Rd

CE-130N - Ferntree/HighStRd to BurwoodHwy/Boronia

CE-131N - Wellington/Ferntree to BurwoodHwy/Boronia

CE-132N - Police/Wellington to BurwoodHwy/Boronia

CE-133N - PrincesHwy/MonashFwy to BurwoodHwy/Boronia

CE-134N - Cheltenhm/PrincesHwy to BurwoodHwy/Boronia

CE-135N - Greens/DandenongByP to BurwoodHwy/Boronia

CE-136N - Thompson/Greens to BurwoodHwy/Boronia

CE-137N - FrankstonFy/Thompson to BurwoodHwy/Boronia

CE-138N - HighStRd/BurwoodHwy to HighStRd/BurwoodHwy

CE-139N - Ferntree/HighStRd to HighStRd/BurwoodHwy

CE-13N - Frankston Fwy to Thompson Rd North

CE-13N - Frankston Fwy to Thompson Rd

CE-13S - Thompson Rd to Frankston Fwy South

CE-13S - Thompson Rd to Frankston Fwy

CE-140N - Wellington/Ferntree to HighStRd/BurwoodHwy

CE-141N - Police/Wellington to HighStRd/BurwoodHwy

CE-142N - PrincesHwy/MonashFwy to HighStRd/BurwoodHwy

CE-143N - Cheltenhm/PrincesHwy to HighStRd/BurwoodHwy

CE-144N - Greens/DandenongByP to HighStRd/BurwoodHwy

CE-145N - Thompson/Greens to HighStRd/BurwoodHwy

CE-146N - FrankstonFy/Thompson to HighStRd/BurwoodHwy

CE-147N - Ferntree/HighStRd to Ferntree/HighStRd

CE-148N - Wellington/Ferntree to Ferntree/HighStRd

CE-149N - Police/Wellington to Ferntree/HighStRd

CE-150N - PrincesHwy/MonashFwy to Ferntree/HighStRd

CE-151N - Cheltenhm/PrincesHwy to Ferntree/HighStRd

CE-152N - Greens/DandenongByP to Ferntree/HighStRd

CE-153N - Thompson/Greens to Ferntree/HighStRd

CE-154N - FrankstonFy/Thompson to Ferntree/HighStRd

CE-155N - Wellington/Ferntree to Wellington/Ferntree

CE-156N - Police/Wellington to Wellington/Ferntree

CE-157N - PrincesHwy/MonashFwy to Wellington/Ferntree

CE-158N - Cheltenhm/PrincesHwy to Wellington/Ferntree

CE-159N - Greens/DandenongByP to Wellington/Ferntree

CE-160N - Thompson/Greens to Wellington/Ferntree

CE-161N - FrankstonFy/Thompson to Wellington/Ferntree

CE-162N - Police/Wellington to Police/Wellington

CE-163N - PrincesHwy/MonashFwy to Police/Wellington

CE-164N - Cheltenhm/PrincesHwy to Police/Wellington

CE-165N - Greens/DandenongByP to Police/Wellington

CE-166N - Thompson/Greens to Police/Wellington

CE-167N - FrankstonFy/Thompson to Police/Wellington

CE-168N - PrincesHwy/MonashFwy to PrincesHwy/MonashFwy

CE-169N - Cheltenhm/PrincesHwy to PrincesHwy/MonashFwy

CE-170N - Greens/DandenongByP to PrincesHwy/MonashFwy

CE-171N - Thompson/Greens to PrincesHwy/MonashFwy

CE-172N - FrankstonFy/Thompson to PrincesHwy/MonashFwy

CE-173N - Cheltenhm/PrincesHwy to Cheltenhm/PrincesHwy

CE-174N - Greens/DandenongByP to Cheltenhm/PrincesHwy

CE-175N - Thompson/Greens to Cheltenhm/PrincesHwy

CE-176N - FrankstonFy/Thompson to Cheltenhm/PrincesHwy

CE-177N - Greens/DandenongByP to Greens/DandenongByP

CE-178N - Thompson/Greens to Greens/DandenongByP

CE-179N - FrankstonFy/Thompson to Greens/DandenongByP

CE-180N - Thompson/Greens to Thompson/Greens

CE-181N - FrankstonFy/Thompson to Thompson/Greens

CE-182N - FrankstonFy/Thompson to FrankstonFy/Thompson

CE-2N - Canterbury Rd to Maroondah Hwy

CE-2S - Maroondah Hwy to Canterbury Rd

CE-3N - Boronia Rd to Canterbury Rd

CE-3S - Canterbury Rd to Boronia Rd

CE-4N - Burwood Hwy to Boronia Rd

CE-4S - Boronia Rd to Burwood Hwy

CE-5N - High Street Rd to Burwood Hwy

CE-5S - Burwood Hwy to High Street Rd

CE-6N - Ferntree Gully Rd to High Street Rd

CE-6S - High Street Rd to Ferntree Gully Rd

CE-7N - Wellington Rd to Ferntree Gully Rd

CE-7S - Ferntree Gully Rd to Wellington Rd

CE-8N - Police Rd to Wellington Rd

CE-8S - Wellington Rd to Police Rd

CE-9N - Princes Hwy to Monash Fwy

CE-9S - Monash Fwy to Princes Hwy

05901 - Kedron-to-Toombul

06001 - Toombul-to-Kedron

06101 - Toombul-to-Clem7

06201 - Toombul-to-Bowen-Hills

06301 - Toombul-to-Lutwyche-Road

06401 - Bowen-Hills-to-Kedron

06501 - Bowen-Hills-to-Toombul

06601 - Kedron-to-Clem7

06701 - Kedron-to-Bowen-Hills

06801 - Kedron-to-Lutwyche-Road

CLM7South - CLEM-7-Southbound

CM101 - CLEM-7-Northbound/Southbound

CM101 - Clem7-Northbound

CM201 - Clem7-Southbound

GB101 - Go-Between-Bridge-Northbound

GB201 - Go-Between-Bridge-Northbound/Southbound

GB201 - Go-Between-Bridge-Southbound

GBB02S - Go-Between-Bridge-Southbound

GW-101 - Murarrie-North

GW-10N - Gateway-Bridge-Lane-10-North

GW-11N - Gateway-Bridge-Lane-11-North

GW-12N - Gateway-Bridge-Lane-12-North

GW-13N - Gateway-Bridge-Lane-13-North

GW-14N - Gateway-Bridge-Lane-14-North

GW-15N - Gateway-Bridge-Lane-15-North

GW-16N - Gateway-Bridge-Lane-16-North

GW-17N - Gateway-Bridge-Lane-17-North

GW-18N - Gateway-Bridge-Lane-18-North

GW-201 - Murarrie-South

GW-2S - Gateway-Bridge-Lane-2-South

GW-3S - Gateway-Bridge-Lane-3-South

GW-4S - Gateway-Bridge-Lane-4-South

GW-5S - Gateway-Bridge-Lane-5-South

GW-6S - Gateway-Bridge-Lane-6-South

GW-7S - Gateway-Bridge-Lane-7-South

GW-8S - Gateway-Bridge-Lane-8-South

GW-9S - Gateway-Bridge-Lane-9-South

GWT-2T - Gateway-South-Temporary

GWY-1N - Gateway-North

GWY-2S - Gateway-South

HEA-1E - Heathwood - East

HEA-1W - Heathwood - West

HEK-1E - Heathwood-to-Kuraby

HLO-1E - Heathwood-to-Loganlea-Road

HLO-1E - Staplyton-Rd-Interchange-to-Murarrie

HWD-3E - Heathwood-East

HWD-4W - Heathwood-West

KBY-10N - Kuraby-Lane-10-North

KBY-11N - Kuraby-Lane-11-North

KBY-12N - Kuraby-Lane-12-North

KBY-1N - Kuraby - North

KBY-1S - Kuraby - South

KBY-2S - Kuraby-Lane-2-South

KBY-3S - Kuraby-Lane-3-South

KBY-4S - Kuraby-Lane-4-South

KBY-5S - Kuraby-Lane-5-South

KBY-6S - Kuraby-Lane-6-South

KBY-7N - Kuraby-Lane-7-North

KBY-8N - Kuraby-Lane-8-North

KBY-9N - Kuraby-Lane-9-North

KUR-1N - Kuraby-North

KUR-2S - Kuraby-South

KYS-1N - Kuraby-Staging-Site-North

LGA-10W - Loganlea-Lane-10-West

LGA-11W - Loganlea-Lane-11-West

LGA-12W - Loganlea-Lane-12-West

LGA-2E - Loganlea-Lane-2-East

LGA-3E - Loganlea-Lane-3-East

LGA-4E - Loganlea-Lane-4-East

LGA-5E - Loganlea-Lane-5-East

LGA-6E - Loganlea-Lane-6-East

LGA-7W - Loganlea-Lane-7-West

LGA-8W - Loganlea-Lane-8-West

LGA-9W - Loganlea-Lane-9-West

LGN-3E - Loganlea-East

LGN-4W - Loganlea-West

LGW-3E - Legacy-Way-Eastbound

LGW-4W - Legacy-Way-Westbound

LNS-4W - Lakeside-Test-Site-West

LOG-1E - Loganlea-Road - East

LOG-1W - Loganlea-Road - West

LOGI-1E - Loganlea-Road-Interchange - East

LOGI-1W - Loganlea-Road-Interchange - West

LRI-14W - Loganlea-Road-Interchange

LRI-23E - Loganlea-Road-Interchange

LW301 - Legacy-Way-Eastbound

LW401 - Legacy-Way-Westbound

LWE-01 - Legacy-Way-Eastbound/Westbound

PAR-1E - Paradise-Rd-Interchange - East

PAR-1W - Paradise-Rd - West

PRI-13E - Paradise-Rd-Interchange

PRI-1E - Paradise-Lane-1-East

PRI-24W - Paradise-Rd-Interchange

PRI-3E - Paradise-Lane-3-East

PRI-4W - Paradise-Lane-4-West

PRI-6W - Paradise-Lane-6-West

PRI-7W - Paradise-Lane-7-West

QML-001 - Gateway

QML-002 - Loganlea

QML-004 - Staplyton

QML-008 - Kuraby

QML-BNH - Bowen Hills Entry\Exit

QML-BNH - Bowen-Hills-Entry/Exit

QML-BNH - Bowen-Hills-Exit

QML-KDN - Kedron North\South

QML-KDN - Kedron-North/South

QML-KDN - Kedron-South

QML-TML - Toombul Entry

QML-TML - Toombul-Entry/Exit

QML-TML - Toombul-Exit

SPN-10W - Stapylton-Lane-10-West

SPN-11W - Stapylton-Lane-11-West

SPN-12W - Stapylton-Lane-12-West

SPN-2E - Stapylton-Lane-2-East

SPN-3E - Stapylton-Lane-3-East

SPN-4E - Stapylton-Lane-4-East

SPN-5E - Stapylton-Lane-5-East

SPN-6E - Stapylton-Lane-6-East

SPN-7W - Stapylton-Lane-7-West

SPN-8W - Stapylton-Lane-8-West

SPN-9W - Stapylton-Lane-9-West

SRI-13E - Stapylton-Rd-Interchange

SRI-24W - Stapylton-Rd-Interchange

STP-1E - Staplyton-Rd-Interchange - East

STPI-1W - Staplyton-Rd-Interchange - West

CLEM7-001 - Clem7 North

CLEM7-002 - Clem7 South

00101N - Clem 7 North

00201S - Clem 7 South

GBB-N01 - Northbound Toll Point

GBB-S01 - Southbound Toll Point

N0101N - Northbound Toll Point

S0101S - Southbound Toll Point

BAC-01 - Domestic Airport

BAC-01 - DTB Bus – No Entry Detected

BAC-01 - DTB Bus – No Exit Detected

BAC-01 - DTB Bus

BAC-01 - DTB General Taxi

BAC-01 - DTB Limo Parking – No Entry Detect

BAC-01 - DTB Limo Parking – No Exit Detected

BAC-01 - DTB Limo Parking

BAC-01 - DTB Limo Road – No Entry Detected

BAC-01 - DTB Limo Road – No Exit Detected

BAC-01 - DTB Limo Road

BAC-10 - International Airport

BAC-10 - ITB General Taxi

BAC-10 - ITB GTO - No Entry Detected

BAC-10 - ITB GTO - No Exit Detected

BAC-10 - ITB GTO Exit 1

BAC-10 - ITB GTO Exit 2

1A01N - Bowen Hills Entry North

1B01S - Bowen Hills Entry South

2A01S - Kedron Entry South

2B01N - Kedron Exit North

3A01W - Toombul Entry West

3B01E - Toombul Exit East

BCM-01A - Bowen Hills Entry

BCM-01B - Bowen Hills Exit

BCM-02A - Toombul to Bowen Hills

BCM-02B - Bowen Hills to Toombul

BCM-03A - Toombul Entry

BCM-03B - Toombul Exit

BCS-1AN - Bowen Hills Entry

BCS-1BS - Bowen Hills Exit

BCS-2AW - Toombul to Bowen Hills

BCS-2BN - Bowen Hills to Toombul

BCS-3AW - Toombul Entry

BCS-3BE - Toombul Exit

10C01 - T1 Arrivals North Bus bays - Unreadable Entry

10D01 - T1 Arrivals North Bus bays - Unreadable Exit

10E01 - T1 Arrivals Centre Limousines A Entry

10F01 - T1 Arrivals Centre Limousines A Exit

10G01 - T1 Arrivals Centre Limousines B - Virtual Entry

10H01 - T1 Arrivals Centre Limousines B - Virtual Exit

10P01 - T1 Priority Pick-up Virtual Exit

1A01 - T1 General Bay International

1B01 - T1 Pre-booked Bay Int

1C01 - T1 Arrivals North Bus bays Entry

1D01 - T1 Arrivals North Bus bays Exit

1E01 - T1 Arrivals Centre Limousines A Entry

1F01 - T1 Arrivals Centre Limousines A Exit

1G01 - T1 Arrivals Centre Limousines B Entry

1H01 - T1 Arrivals Centre Limousines B Exit

1I01 - T1 General Bay 2 International

1N01 - T1 Priority Pick-up (Entry Lane 1)

1O01 - T1 Priority Pick-up (Entry Lane 2)

1P01 - T1 Priority Pick-up (Exit Lane 1)

1Q01 - T1 Priority Pick-up (Exit Lane 2)

1R01 - T1 BSO Holding Area (Entry)

1S01 - T1 BSO Holding Area (Exit)

20C01 - T2 Arrivals Limo/Bus - Unreadable Entry

20D01 - T2 Arrivals Limo/Bus - Unreadable Exit

20H01 - T2/T3 Priority Pick-up Virtual Entry

20J01 - T2/T3 Priority Pick-up Virtual Exit

20M01 - Booking Service Operator Holding Area Entry

20N01 - Booking Service Operator Holding Area Virtual Exit

20O01 - Private Hire Vehicle Holding Area Virtual Entry

20P01 - Private Hire Vehicle Holding Area Virtual Exit

2A01 - T2 General Bay Domestic

2B01 - T2 Pre-booked Bay Domestic

2C01 - T2 Arrivals Limo/Bus Entry

2D01 - T2 Arrivals Limo/Bus Exit

2H01 - T2/T3 Priority Pick-up Entry

2I01 - T2/T3 Priority Pick-up Entry

2J01 - T2/T3 Priority Pick-up Exit

2K01 - T2/T3 Priority Pick-up Exit

2L01 - T2/T3 Priority Pick-up Exit

2M01 - Booking Service Operator Holding Area Entry

2N01 - Booking Service Operator Holding Area Exit

2O01 - Private Hire Vehicle Holding Area Entry

2P01 - Private Hire Vehicle Holding Area Exit

30C01 - Domestic Terminal Court - Unreadable Entry

30D01 - Domestic Terminal Court - Virtual Exit

30F01 - T3 Limousines - Virtual Exit

30G01 - 4th Street Limousines - Unreadable Entry

30H01 - 4th Street Limousines - Unreadable Exit

3A01 - T3 General Bay Domestic

3B01 - T3 Pre-booked Bay Domestic

3C01 - Domestic Terminal Court Entry

3D01 - Domestic Terminal Court Exit

3F01 - T3 Limousines Exit

3G01 - 4th Street Limousines Entry

3H01 - 4th Street Limousines Exit

4C01 - Taxi Holding Area (General Exit)

SACL-10N - T1 Priority Pick-up - Virtual Entry

SACL-1A - T1 General Bay International

SACL-1B - T1 Pre-booked Bay International

SACL-1I - T1 General Bay 2 International

SACL2-10C - T1 Arrivals North Bus bays - Virtual Entry

SACL2-10D - T1 Arrivals North Bus bay - Virtual Exit

SACL2-10E - T1 Arrivals Centre Limousines A Entry

SACL2-10F - T1 Arrivals Centre Limousines A Exit

SACL2-10G - T1 Arrivals Centre Limousines B - Virtual Entry

SACL2-10H - T1 Arrivals Centre Limousines B - Virtual Exit

SACL2-1C - T1 Arrivals North Bus bays Entry

SACL2-1D - T1 Arrivals North Bus bays - Exit

SACL2-1E - T1 Arrivals Centre Limousines A Entry

SACL2-1F - T1 Arrivals Centre Limousines A Exit

SACL2-1G - T1 Arrivals Centre Limousines B Entry

SACL2-1H - T1 Arrivals Centre Limousines B Exit

SACL2-20C - T2 Arrivals Limo/Bus - Virtual Entry

SACL2-20D - T2 Arrivals Limo/Bus Virtual Exit

SACL2-20H - T2/T3 Priority Pick-up Virtual Entry

SACL2-20J - T2/T3 Priority Pick-up Virtual Exit

SACL2-20M - Booking Service Operator Holding Area Virtual Entry

SACL2-20N - Booking Service Operator Holding Area Virtual Exit

SACL2-20O - Private Hire Vehicle Holding Area Virtual Entry

SACL2-20P - Private Hire Vehicle Holding Area Virtual Exit

SACL2-2C - T2 Arrivals Limo/Bus Entry

SACL2-2D - T2 Arrivals Limo/Bus Exit

SACL2-2H - T2/T3 Priority Pick-up Entry

SACL2-2I - T2/T3 Priority Pick-up Entry

SACL2-2J - T2/T3 Priority Pick-up Exit

SACL2-2K - T2/T3 Priority Pick-up Exit

SACL2-2L - T2/T3 Priority Pick-up Exit

SACL2-2M - Booking Service Operator Holding Area Entry

SACL2-2N - Booking Service Operator Holding Area Exit

SACL2-2O - Private Hire Vehicle Holding Area Entry

SACL2-2P - Private Hire Vehicle Holding Area Exit

SACL2-30C - Domestic Terminal Court - Virtual Entry

SACL2-30D - Domestic Terminal Court - Virtual Exit

SACL2-30F - T3 Limousines - Virtual Exit

SACL2-30G - 4th Street Limousines Virtual Entry

SACL2-30H - 4th Street Limousines - Virtual Exit

SACL2-3C - Domestic Terminal Court Entry

SACL2-3D - Domestic Terminal Court Exit

SACL2-3F - T3 Limousines Exit

SACL2-3G - 4th Street Limousines Entry

SACL2-3H - 4th Street Limousines Exit

SACL-2A - T2 General Bay Domestic

SACL-2B - T2 Pre-booked Bay Domestic

SACL-3A - T3 General Bay Domestic

SACL-3B - T3 Pre-booked Bay Domestic

Toll roads in New South Wales

  • • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • • Sydney Harbour Tunnel
  • • WestConnex
  • • Hills M2 Motorway
  • • M5 Souh-West Motorway
  • • Westlink M7 Motorway
  • • Eastern Distributor
  • • Cross City Tunnel
  • • Lane Cove Tunnel
  • • Military Road E-Ramp


Toll roads in Australia

  • • New South Wales:
  • • Victoria:
  • • Queensland:
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