Driver Licence Verification Access Agreement
Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has entered into a Driver Licence Check Access Agreement with your Employer to permit your Employer to nominate staff as Authorised Persons to make Driver Licence Check Enquiries on the System. These Terms are subject to the terms of that Agreement.

Only Authorised Persons Can Use the System
You must not log onto or use the System unless RMS has approved you as an Authorised Person. A person will cease being a Authorised Person if their authorisation is cancelled by RMS or by their Employer.

Precondition and Restriction On Enquiries
You must not attempt Driver Licence Check Enquiry on an RMS Customer unless you have first obtained RMS Customer's written consent.

Permitted Use
You can only use the System for the Permitted Use and only at your workplace. Depending on the terms of RMS Customer's consent, the Permitted Use is to verify driver licences and/or confirm demerit point status either for proof of identification or for driver and road safety purposes or where relevant to a condition of employment.

Information obtained about an RMS Customer from the System ("Customer Information") is confidential and personal information. You must not use it except for the Permitted Use. You must not disclose it to anyone else.

Password & Security
RMS will allocate a User ID to you and will require you to create a Password. You must:

  1. keep your Password secret and safe;
  2. memorise your Password and not write it down;
  3. not disclose your Password to anyone;
  4. not disclose your User ID to anyone other than your Employer or your Employer's System Administrator;
  5. immediately advise your Employer if you suspect that anyone else knows or may know your Password;
  6. immediately change your Password to a new one if you suspect that anyone else knows or may know your Password;
  7. only log in using your own User ID;
  8. not share User IDs or Passwords;
  9. log out of the System whenever you are not using it or you are away from your computer.

RMS may set rules from time to time about the types of Passwords that may be used and the frequency with which they must be changed and may at any time require you to change your Password.

You must immediately notify your Employer if you become aware of any suspected misuse of the System or Customer Assessment Information by anyone.

RMS Powers
RMS may:

  1. suspend or terminate your access to the System at any time if RMS believes you may have breached these Terms;
  2. monitor and record your use of the System to check your compliance with these Terms;
  3. issue directions concerning the use of the System or Customer Information and you must comply with them.

Breaches of these Terms
A breach of these Terms is a serious matter and may involve the following consequences:

  1. A claim against you or your Employer by the Customer under the Privacy Legislation for breach of privacy; or
  2. Prosecution under Part 6 of the Crimes Act 1900 in respect of unauthorised access or modification of data.

"Authorised Person" is person who RMS has authorised to use the System and issued a User ID to.
"Customer Information" means information concerning an RMS Customer obtained from the System.
"Driver Licence Check Enquiry" means checking the System to ascertain the driver licence and/or demerit point status of an RMS Customer.
"Employer" means your employer who RMS has signed a Driver Licence Check Access Agreement with.
"Privacy Legislation" means the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and any legislation that amends or replaces them.